This Agreement is entered into between “Profit-Singularity.com” (owned by Viral Conversion, Ltd., the “Seller”) and the buyer, the “Recipient”.

Seller is acting as an expert advising the Buyer in digital advertising and Internet marketing techniques, and for that purpose, the Seller may make certain Confidential Information available to the Buyer (the "Purpose").

Buyer agrees that all information disclosed by the Seller to Buyer through the Seller’s membership platform ProfitSingularity.com, relating to the Seller’s prototypes, samples, technical data, trade secrets, research, products, product plans, inventions, processes, discoveries, formulas, concepts, ideas, designs, drawings, webinar slides, marketing plans, distribution methods, financial information and other data shall be considered "Confidential Information" and subject to copyright laws.

However, Confidential Information shall not include information which, as Buyer can prove in written evidence, is known by Buyer at the time of disclosure or is lawfully obtained by Buyer without violation of a confidentiality obligation.

The Buyer must agree to the following:

1. Buyer agrees all confidential information learned will not be shared or disclosed with any third party in any form including but not limited to oral, written, graphic and electronic.

2. Buyer agrees not to sell any ideas from this presentation in any form including but not limited to oral, written, graphic and electronic.

3. Buyer agrees not to record any audio, video or text during the complete live presentations or pre-recorded video presentations under any circumstances.

4. Buyer agrees not to claim refund/file PayPal dispute / initiate a credit card chargeback on the payment(s) made to the Seller through PayPal or any other means.

Items not received:

This is straightforward. If you did not receive access to the members training area, then you agree to contact support@profitsingularity.com. If Buyer did not receive these items, Buyer agrees to contact support@profitsingularity.com before filing items not received with Paypal and/or Credit Card Company

Item not as described:

As part of the purchase, which involves watching a 90-minute training webinar explaining the product, how it can be used, demonstration of the product, and an outline of the course material on the checkout page, if you still feel the product is not as we described, the Buyer agrees to contact our 5-days-a-week support team by email at support@profitsingularity.com and let us know how the product is not as described so we may within 7 working days (working day defined as weekdays) or less have a chance to resolve any issues.

You, the Buyer, agree to work with Seller by providing feedback about the item purchased allowing a reasonable amount of time (7 working days or less) to make necessary changes to the item, so Buyer may be satisfied the item is as described.

Buyer agrees to work directly with Seller before contacting PayPal and filing an “Item not as described”. Seller wants the best experience for the Buyer and agrees to make any requested adjustments to the Item on behalf of the Buyer

Buyer agrees to work directly with Seller before contacting PayPal and filing an “Item not as described”. Seller wants the best experience for the Buyer and agrees to make any requested adjustments to the Item on behalf of the Buyer.

The item purchased was described in writing at this URL: http://goprofit.ai/join

It describes the buyer will receive the following coaching items:

  • Seller will provide training on how to find and choose affiliate products to promote.
  • Seller will provide training on how to create promotional web pages necessary for a sales funnel, including copy & paste templates with instructions on how to customize for different niches.
  • Seller will provide free web hosting for 3 websites through a 3rd party partner for the time period specified in the 90-minute training webinar
  • Seller will provide access to AI voice generator software and Video Ad Script Generating software for the buyer to use in creation of the ad videos.
  • Seller will provide training videos on the psychology behind video ad scripts that will assist buyer in creating scripts for any niche they choose
  • Seller will provide access to their “Million Dollar Ad Vault,” with 6 example videos that have generated $12k to $50k revenue days.
  • Seller will provide “$300k in 14 days case study,” so the Buyer can see inside a highly successful video ad campaign and exactly what it looks like to reach $300k in 14 days
  • Seller will provide homework assignments throughout the training which Buyer agrees to complete and submit for each of 8 training modules.
  • Seller will provide coaching support via support email for technical questions, business-related questions, YouTube ads questions, and anything related to the product purchased
  • Seller will provide live Q&A webinar sessions, beginning at module 3 through the duration of the course.
  • Seller provides bonuses as described on the purchase page.
  • Seller will provide a coupon for 6-months free access to the Vidbot software (Buyer agrees the software requires a credit card or Paypal account to activate the 6-month free trial)

Unauthorized payment

As part of your (Buyer) membership, there is a one-time fee that include: access to the Profit Singularity 8-week Masterclass, access to weekly live Q&A webinars and expert email support (support@profitsingularity.com) to help you with all your Profit Singularity related and website technical support.

Often members will see a charge on their PayPal and/or credit card statement and forget what it is for and then file an unauthorized payment. Please note that the charge will come from Groove Digital LTD., a 3rd party payment processing company.

Buyer agrees to not file an unauthorized payment with their merchant (either PayPal or Credit Card Company) and if they do and we provide evidence that Buyer did authorize a payment to Groove Digital LTD, that Buyer agrees to reverse the charges with the merchant.

Understand the Seller cannot charge your (The Buyer) Paypal or Credit Card, only YOU, the Buyer, can authorize any and all payments. This agreement is simply stating in the event of a mistaken unauthorized file because Buyer did not recognize Groove Digital LTD Paypal and/or Credit Card statement that you agree to reverse unauthorized payment charges as this hurts the Seller’s relationship with their merchant account. Of course, if there is a real unauthorized charge which can be easily demonstrated then you will get a full and immediate reversal of charges on your PayPal and/or Credit Card.

90 Day guarantee

We (Seller) know our coaching, training works! However, we (Seller) also realize that different Buyers come from different backgrounds and learning styles. The Seller wants to help you (The Buyer) utilize the training to the fullest. Why do we (Seller) offer such excellent customer service and guarantee? Because the Buyer purchased with intentions and expectations on how this item would benefit them. Seller wants every possible opportunity to assist the Buyer through training, expert email technical support via support@profitsingularity.com, In fact, the Seller agrees to help Buyer well beyond 90 days with any and all possible coaching which includes 5-days-a-week technical support and live Q&A group coaching calls during the training to ensure Buyer performance satisfaction.

Seller provides support (support@profitsingularity.com) technical support to assist in deploying the training material, live Q&A webinar sessions. The Buyer understands all sales are final and there are no refunds. In addition, this was stated clearly on the purchase page (http://goprofit.ai/join) in the terms & conditions. At merchant checkout, Buyer is required to check the box agreeing they have read and understood terms & conditions

Here are the further terms of the agreement. The Buyer agrees to complete the following within 90 days from the date of purchase. Complete all the homework assignments inside the course and submit the assignments to the Buyer via the submission link in each module. Choose products to promote as described in the training module. Use the landing page template designs provided by Seller. Set up Click Magick ad tracking to track ad performance as described in the training. The buyer must test a minimum of 3 different niches using the Evolution Method Testing Protocol laid out in module 4 of the training. At minimum, the Buyer must complete 3 phases of the evolution protocol for each niche and show the changes made in each phase in the Evolution Protocol Workbooks. Within each niche, the buyer agrees to test at least 3 different offers. For each offer, the Buyer agrees to test at least 3 different video ads. The buyer must follow the evolution Method Testing Protocol, testing at least 3 phases for each niche. Buyer must spend $20-50 testing each video ad according to the guidelines in the training. The Buyer agrees to test a minimum of 27 video ads according to these guidelines. If Buyer has performed the above said terms within 90 days and does not have a video ad that has been profitable, (defined as earning a profit within the first week of running the ad), then the Buyer may opt for reimbursement of the cost of the course, plus reimbursement for all paid advertising ($20 - 50 per video ad up to 27 different video ads, minus commissions earned during the same time period) plus an additional $500. Buyer agrees to submit adequate proof the above requirements have been fulfilled within 7 days of their initial request. Proof must include proof of ad spend, amount of commissions earned and completed Evolution Protocol Workbooks showing the necessary phases. Requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 90 days from the date of purchase. Proof must be provided within 7 days of initial request for reimbursement. Again, the Buyer must agree to the terms above and if they are not met, the Guarantee is void.